Burkini Sapphira Blue

Swimwear Full Covered Swimsuit
Rs. 6,000.00
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Size :
Rs. 6,000.00

Our full cover tunic dress Sapphira is the crème de supreme in modesty, this elegant piece highlights the loose and lightly flattering silhouette perfectly. She has a feminine sash at the waist and falls to the knee for maximum elegance and modesty.

The pants are slim fit, comfortable, and feel heavenly soft to finish your dashing look.

A timeless and sophisticated Islamic swimwear, a must-have for your wardrobe.


The Modest Swimsuit Sapphira will remain elegant when getting into the water, the dress won’t ride up, because of the hidden button system. Which attached the swim dress to the swim pants. The hijab is attached to the dress and is designed so that it will stay on your head while swimming, diving, or actively sporting. You will remain modest, comfortable, and classy at all times.


The hijab exists in 2 parts. The first part is an attached hood which makes sure that the hijab remains on your head, and the second part is the scarf which provides an elegant finishing touch to the hijab.



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